Fashion of the Twenties

The 1920’s was the decade when fashion changed for women who were then transformed from being conservative to liberated. This was true both in the way they dressed and in the way they acted. We have always known fashion as an art that represents a person through the clothes she wears. 1920 clothing was more focused on more comfortable fashion. This included wearing skirts and pants that allowed the women to breathe, literally and figuratively. Of course, not only women were given the chance to change with regards to their fashion style. The decade also made significant changes in men’s clothing, too. This was when the tailcoat and jackets were worn the first time as fashion items. Indeed, 1920 clothing had its own air of elegance and sense of uniqueness.While the men started to wear coats, women were also influenced to wear the same. We can notice the evolution of fashion because of the warm acceptance of the people in the twentieth century. It cannot be denied that when it comes to fashion, people are born to be free. Because of the women’s sense of style and fashion, they created and made their own style and this started to mark their individuality.The progress of fashion in the decade of the 1920’s made a closer relationship between art and sense of freedom for women to express themselves. 1920’s dresses were created to make an impact on others. They were made brighter and lighter as ever before. They created dresses in a playful manner with the use of various colorful fabrics.Very few know it but this was also the era when schools offering a course on dressmaking were founded. Many women enrolled in this course to show how the times have changed them in a lot of ways. The designs were elegant, sexy, and modern. Not only dresses were changed but even underwear designs were revolutionized. With the evolution of fashion, the women of today have much to thank those of the twenties for because of the wonderful inspiration that they have brought to many modern designers. It is undeniable that many of the fashion trends then have been making a comeback today and it looks like these fashion styles are never going out of style – at least, not in the near future. Young and old, every woman seems to be captivated by the fashion of the twenties and they can’t seem to get enough of it.