Fashionable Footwear From Lotus

Lotus shoes are amongst the most fashionable designers in the footwear industry now. A rich and a high quality manufacturing process ensures that Lotus creates the most stylish and chic of many of the leading footwear designers. In recent years, this brand of footwear has become increasingly popular. If you look at various websites belonging to some of the UK’s largest footwear retailers, you will find that most stock at least one example by Lotus. A great reputation ensures that their popularity grows year on year.There are many popular footwear fashions on-trend at the moment, and lotus shoes cover a wide selection. As a designer of shoes, they keep abreast of all the latest fashions, which then inform their collections.Here are just a few of the hottest trends this season, all of which are available in the Lotus collection:• Gladiator sandals: these have been popular for the last three years, and will continue to be so this season. However, it is important that you keep up with the latest twists and turns. This year, the most fashionable style of gladiator sandals, are those that come with metallic uppers. Leather uppers will still be available, but opt for metallic if you really want to ‘stand-up-and-be-counted’.• This season, it is all about flowers, butterflies, and faux animal patterns/furs. In terms of footwear, those that sport a flower embellishment, such as the Lotus Grenada mules are ideal for keeping up with fashion.• Espadrilles are hot this season, particularly those that sport a wedge. The Lotus Isis are perfect here, and because they sport fake snakeskin uppers, also fit with this year’s animal pattern trends.• Those of you looking for an elegant evening shoe will love the Lotus Keelia stilettos heels. Stilettos never go out of fashion, they are part of the classic look, so although not strictly on trend, they remain a fashionable shoe – plus, given that they never go out of fashion, they will be suitable for more than one season.• Boots are always a popular choice of footwear, and Lotus shoes sell several different styles of boots. For instance, the Lotus Zilpah will look perfect for any of you attempting to pull off this year’s military styles. Alternatively, if the military look is a little grungy for you, you will probably love the Lotus Madison, which sport an elegant stiletto heel.As you can now appreciate, Lotus manufacture shoes that are stylish, modern, and contemporary. Whether you are looking for shoes that will give an edgy feel to your wardrobe, or you are looking for a little elegance and style, you are sure to find something pleasing within their collections. When it comes to Lotus, there are so many unique and innovative designs, that you will probably feel spoiled. Whatever style you are looking for, whether for casual or informal occasions, you are sure to find what you are looking for from Lotus.

The Fashion Toast Of Hollywood

There are some celebrities that always seem to impress us with their outfits. No matter the event they are attending they seem to make the best fashion choices that dazzle everybody on the red carpet.From their early childhood, we have seen them in various movies, the Olsen sisters have been a part of the celebrity fashion community for a very long time. Their fashion choices can be described as unique and daring. Nonetheless, this fashion style is what determined them to start their own fashion label and complete a book called “Influence” where they have described who are the designers that have influenced them in the course of time.Madonna is the queen on pop and also the queen of re-invention as she constantly adapts her style to the fashion trends. She made a big splash in the 80’s with her dyed hair, leather jackets and stockings. In the 90’s she shocked the world with her cone bras and flashes of her underwear and it seems that her fashion choices are endless. Her eldest daughter, “Lola” as she is known in the family, seems to have inherited her mother’s fashion style as she has launched her clothing line suggestively called Material Girl.We all know and love Carrie Bradshaw or her real life version, Sarah Jessica Parker. Every fashion magazine and fashion blog has talked about her and her fashion style. However, we have to admit that SJP does know a thing or two about fashion and her idea of keeping all the clothes from the show was brilliant!Another celebrity fashion addict is Gwen Stefani. Part rock star, part certified mummy, the blond plated singer started her own fashion line. The clothes that she designs have clear Indian and Chinese influences. She once said that both her and her mother used to saw their own clothes, so it seems that the fashion line was in the cards for a long time.Fashion is something that is clearly relative as fashion trends change each year. You should build your wardrobe according to your taste and your personality and remember that “Fashion is not a luxury it is a right” (SJP).

Alternative Fashion – Life Out on the Fringe

Have you ever flipped through the popular fashion magazines and wondered where in the world these designers are getting their ideas? Everyone from celebrities to teenage kids is wearing the same tired boring styles that are handed down to them from the so-called high fashion runways. Many people are seeking fashion ideas and inspiration from designers that are more in tune with the way that they like to live their lives. If you are a firm believer that art imitates life, and are looking for fashion that echoes this sentiment, you are searching for the alternative fashion movement.If you’ve never heard of alternative fashion before, you should know that it means a lot more than just wearing something other than what’s offered to you. Alternative fashion is a state of mind that chooses to challenge the styles of society instead of becoming a victim of them. The people who choose to design, sell and wear alternative clothes are those that feel that more than being a way to cover your body, fashion is a way to express the person that you are inside, and the person that you want to be. Sometimes alternative fashion takes its inspiration from music and sometimes it takes its inspiration from a subculture that very few people know about.If you are just starting to learn about alternative fashion, but you’ve grown up loving punk or emo music, than you should know that you probably already engage in wearing some alternative fashion. Goth styles, emo styles, industrial and hip hop styles are all examples of alternative style that’s been influenced by a certain genre of music. While these styles are usually pretty over the top, they are almost always designed more to make a statement and to emulate the music than to be practical and comfortable. Most people that wear alternative fashion know that it can be a huge commitment to dress that way every day.Although hip hop may be the exception to the rule, as it has become so popular that it is almost mainstream, many of the other alternative fashion styles are considered to be really out there and not accepted by society. If you’ve ever seen a group of goth kids walking around in the mall, or a bunch of punk kids out at the bar, you know that they are interested in confronting the opinions that people have about them. They don’t want you to like what they wear. They want you to see it as a statement about what they think is important in life.